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Dental Assistant

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As the Baby Boomer population ages, and as people keep more of their original teeth than did previous generations, the need to maintain and treat teeth will continue to increase the demand for dental care.

Dental Assistants work with dentists and other oral health professionals to complete routine tasks in the dental office, allowing dentists to see more patients and spend their time working on more complex procedures. The need for well-trained Dental Assistants is greater than ever before as the number of dental offices continues to grow to meet increasing demands for preventive dental services.

Learn how North-West College can help you train to become a Dental Assistant and begin working alongside dentists, dental hygienists and other oral health care professionals in a dental office, clinic or other dental health facility.

Dental Assistant
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Dental Assistant Course Material

The Dental Assistant program will teach you to perform the skills required to work in most dental offices, including patient scheduling, record processing, insurance billing, chairside assisting, x-ray and dental imaging, coronal polishing and more.

The program is divided into eight class course modules plus a 180-hour clinical externship where students will apply the skills they learn in the classroom in an actual health care practice setting.

Courses for this program include:

  • Seminar for Success – Orientation and success building course for Career Students. Review of basic math, language, vocabulary, and writing skills. Introduction to core career classes, availability of community resources, outlining, summarizing, managing credit, and other life skills.
  • Secretarial/Computers – Professional Ethics Relating to the Dental Assistant, Patient Psychology, Dental Terminology, Oral Anatomy & Physiology, Oral Histology, Office Environment, Secretarial Skills, Telephone Techniques, Scheduling Appointments, Communication Skills, Payroll Information, Budgeting, Banking, Office Management, Rapport with Patients and Fellow Employees, Courtesy and Respect, Introduction to Computers, Word, Excel, Dental Office Management Program, Processing Insurance Claim Forms, Creating Professional Quality Résumés
  • Oral Hygiene – Coronal Polishing, Application of Topical Fluoride, Patient Education in Nutrition, Plaque Control, and Oral Hygiene, Application of Non-Aerosol & Non-Caustic Topical Agents, Placement and Removal of Periodontal Dressings
  • Specialties – Techniques Used in Dental Specialties, Placement of Orthodontic Separators, Placement and Removal of Ligatures & Arch Wires, Sizing Orthodontic Bands, Checking for Loose Bands, Taking of Intra-Oral Measurements for Orthodontic Procedures, Seating Adjusted Retainers & Headgear Including Appropriate Instructions, Placement & Removal of Post-Extraction Dressings, Suture Removal, Test Pulp Vitality, Obtain Endodontic Cultures, Dry Canals Previously Opened by the Supervising Dentist, Assisting in the Administration of Nitrous Oxide
  • X-Ray – X-Ray Safety Techniques, Components of the X-Ray Machine, X-Ray Exposure Techniques, X-Ray Processing Techniques, Use of BAI And XCP Instruments, Instruction in Techniques for Evaluation of Diagnostic Quality X-Rays, Mounting Full Mouth & Bitewing X-Rays, Types of Dental X-Ray Films, Proper Storage & Care of Exposed X-Ray Film
  • Dental Materials – Preparing Impression Materials, Filling Impression Trays & Syringes, Taking Impressions For Diagnostic & Opposing Models, Operation of Hydrocolloid Conditioner, Pouring Models of Tooth & Mouth Structures With The Use of Vibrating Machines, Trimming & Polishing Models, Sizing Stainless Steel Crowns, Fabrication of an Acrylic Temporary Crown
  • Chairside – Chairside Assisting for Four-Handed Dentistry, Use & Care of the Dental Unit, Use & Care of Operatory Equipment, Use & Care of Dental Instruments, Instrument Tray Set-Ups, Oral Pathology, Training in Basic OSHA Rules & Regulations, Various Methods & Techniques of Sterilization & Disinfection, Placement & Removal of Rubber Dams, Placing, Wedging & Removal of Matrices, Placing of Bases & Liners on Sound Dentin, Removal of Excess Cement Supragingivally, Preparing Materials for Restorative Dentistry, Amalgam, Acrylic, Resin, & Various Cements, Medical Office Emergencies
  • Career Seminar – Internship Workshop, Career Readiness Workshops, New Student Orientation, and CPR Certification.
  • Clinical Internship – Internship to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in an actual practice setting.

Dental Assistant graduates from the West Covina, Pomona and Glendale campuses receive a certificate of completion for x-rays and a certificate of completion for coronal polishing.

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